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How To Know Your Salary Gross,Total Deductions Amount and Net Amount

How To Know Your Salary Gross,Total Deductions Amount and Net Amount

How to Check Salary Bill Status:

1) First Login to CFMS.
2) Check your Beneficiary Account Statement.
3) See and Remember Your Bill NO.
4) Now Go to Website cfms.ap.gov.in (No need login).
5) Search Citizen Services and click on Expenditure Links.
6) Click on Bill Status.
7) Enter first box Year & 2nd box Bill No.
8) Now Opened Total Beneficiary List.
9) Search Your Name and See Your Gross, Deductions & Net.

How to Know Your Salary Details in CFMS through LOGIN:
After CFMS Login

1. Click on Beneficiary account statement
2. Enter Your CFMS ID.
3. Select Date From Date to To Date.
4. Click on Display.
5. Now Open Your Salary Statement.

How To Know Your Salary Gross,Total Deductions Amount and Net Amount


If Forgot Your CFMS Password:

1. Now This option is not enabled in CFMS.
2. Please Know Your Salary Details “YOUR FRIENDS LOGIN ALSO”.
3. Enter Your CFMS ID (Beneficiary ID) in the place of Your Friend ID.

New CFMS User Login:
Click Above CFMS Login Link.
Enter Your CFMS ID.
Password Your CFMS ID. (Note: CFMS ID & PASSWORDS ARE SAME for New Users).
Click on Logon.
Change Password Option is opened.
Enter New Password.
Now Login, and Check Your Salary Details.

How to Save CFMS Account Salary STATEMENT in pdf format:
1. Login in CFMS
2. Click on Beneficiary Account Statement
3. Select Dates From and To
4. Click on Display
5. Now Opened Your Statement.

Now Print Or Save as pdf:

1. Select Desktop site/Desktop view in Chrome Browser at Top Right Corner.
2. Follow Above 5 steps Same to Same.
3. Now Click on Chrome Browser menu Option “Share”
4. Now Choose Print Option.
5. Select Page A4 and Mode Landscape.
6. Select Save as pdf.
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