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ALA - Guidelines for effective implementation ,Rc.11,Dt.17/7/18

ALA - Guidelines for effective implementation ,Rc.11,Dt.17/7/18

ALA - Guidelines for effective implementation ,Rc.11,Dt.17/7/18

1.  Academic:

1.    Ensure  the practice  of Multi Grade  and  Multi Level  (MGML)  pedagogy  in ALA
schools  without  fail

2.    Ensure  usage of T ABs for on line activities  in the learning  ladders

3.   Compile  thematic  best  practices,   Reports,   impacting  learning  in ALA  schools and upload  online  in CSE site/ APeKX

4.   Ensure  regular  uploading  of child info in CSE site and enrolment  app enabling seamless  flow of students'   data to TABs

5.    Ensure  that  100%  teachers   working   in ALA  schools   are  trained  to  teach  in
MGML  pedagogy  to handle  all TAB activities.

2.  No TaRL or ISHA programmes in ALA schools:

1.    In  Chittoor   District   ISHA  Vidya   Programme   is  under   implementation    in  all Primary  Schools.   It  is decided   that  in ALA  schools   lsha  Vidya  Programme should not  be  implemented.    As  such  in  ALA  schools,    only  Aanda   Lahari Abhyasana programme    is  to  be  implemented.    Hence,    District   Educational Officer   Chittoor   is  requested   to  issue  necessary   instructions   to  the  MEOs accordingly.   Also  instruct  ISHA to exclude  ALA schools  from  their list.
2.         New ALA  schools  will be sanctioned,   if donors  come  forward  to bear  50% expenditure.    Hence,   instruct   MEOs  or  interested   teachers   to  SMC  members   to encourage   donations   to convert  their  schools  into ALA  schools,   duly  meeting  the criteria  given below.

a.    It should  be a Double Teacher  school

b.    Total  Strength  of the school  should  be not less than 40

c.   School should have sufficient classrooms (2 minimum) with good space to accommodate the Physical infrastructure to be provided.

d.  SMC resolution is mandatory

e.   Willingness of the donor/s in written with details of donation/s offered. This has got the approval of Commissioner of School Education AP  Amaravati


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