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Secondary Education -Opening of English Medium Classes from 6th to 8th- Instructions issued - Reg.,Rc.758 ,Dt.2/7/18

Secondary Education -Opening of English Medium Classes from 6th to 8th- Instructions issued - Reg.,Rc.758 ,Dt.2/7/18

Rc.No.758/PS-1/2018                                                                  Date:02/07 /2018
Sub:-  School  Education  Department- Secondary  Education -Opening of English Medium  Classes from 6th  to 8th- Instructions issued - Reg.

Read:-Govt.  Memo.No.434390/Prog.J/  A2/2017  School  Education    (PROGJ) Department, Dated:16.11.2017.
The  attention of all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors of School  Education and  the District   Educational  Officers in  the   State is  invited   to  the   reference  read   above, wherein   Government have  issued    orders  for  opening of  parallel    English  Medium Sections  for classes VI to X at a stretch in Government and  Local Body Schools  subject to  condition that   the enrolment   of  the  school  shall be  more   than   300  and  willing students    to  study   the  English Medium   shall  be  more   than   100  apart   from  certain other  conditions.

in  this  regard, they  are  informed that  certain   proposals  /  requests  are  being received   from  field  functionaries  /  students  /  parents  /  public representatives  for obtaining permission  to open  English Medium  sections  in certain   schools even though there is no adequate student   enrolment as  stipulated   by the  Government for opening of parallel English Medium sections in  High School.  Further, they  are  assuming that the  enrolment   of the   school  will  be  increased   if  the   English   Medium   sections  are opened  in the  Government /  Local Body High Schools.
Keeping   in   view   the   demand,  all   the   Regional Joint  Directors  of  School Education and  the  District   Educational Officers  in  the  State  are  hereby   permitted to take  admission  in  English  Medium  Sections   in  class  6th  to 8th  for the  academic year, 2018-19   and  open  English  Medium  Section  in Class  6th to 8th where  the  enrolment is more  than  20 in each  section,  subject  to condition that there  is no additional staff and financial   commitment   to   Government   and    subject  to   ratification   orders    from Government. These  sections shall  not  be treated  as Parallel English  Medium Sections.
Further,   they   are   requested  to  submit  the   proposal~ for  parallel   English Medium  Sections   and   additional infrastructure  where  the  enrolment  in  the  English Medium as per Government Orders  referred.
In the  meanwhile they are requested to take the  followingsteps:
Wide publicity  should be given for opening of English   Medium Sections in class  6lh to 8th in Government and  Local Body Schools. Take  the  support of the  public representatives and  SMC members while enrolling new  admissions  in  English  Medium Sections in the respective
They  are,  therefore, requested to take  necessary action for opening of English Medium Sections   in Class  6th to $th  during the  year  2018-19    as  per  the  resolution of SMCmembers  duly following the   conditions stipulated  in the  Government Memo cited and  submit proposals by 15.07.2018  without  fail


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